The Methodist Church

Hull West Circuit

Our circuit is in the process of conducting
A Circuit Review.

  • We are determined to use our resources more effectively in undertaking fruitful ministry and mission.
  • We have decided to “drop” from ten to nine ministerial staff and to employ some specialist local church “lay workers”
  • Current job vacancies can be seen here.
  • Our 21 churches and nine (ministerial) staff have been grouped in four “clusters”

The following prayer was composed for use both in our Church services and also in our personal devotions as a focal point for our prayerful, reflection on the work and worship, ministry and mission of our Circuit:-
Lord, the way ahead is often uncertain
and sometimes we are called to make difficult decisions.
As we face the new opportunities which you constantly open
up for us, grant us the courage and the grace to grasp them
and use them to further your Kingdom of justice, love and peace.Through the ups and downs which lie ahead,
give us your grace which is always sufficient.
In times of difficulty and despair,
help us to hold on to you;
in times of joy and delight,
help us to remember to give thanks.
Day by day, may we deepen our dependence upon you.Amen.