The Methodist Church

Hull West Circuit

From Hell, Hull and Halifax…
Good Lord deliver us!

The words of the proverb are well known and the media has made plenty of copy from suggesting that these places either end of Yorkshire can be equated with, well, “the other place”!

But there are two things you should know…

  1. It has been suggested that the proverb refers to “Hull, Elland and Halifax” – the last places in the country to implement the sheep tax in 1549* – and
  2. It’s not hell in Hull… In fact, as the locals put it, “It’s never dull in Hull!” So, Go Get Wise!

The tightness of the Kingston Upon Hull City boundaries skew all its statistics – the pleasant suburbs which lower the crime figures and deprivation statistics and raise the educational attainment  results of other cites are mainly outside the city boundaries in the East Riding of Yorkshire.
Kingston Upon Hull has been a seafaring city for over 700 years is and proud to be home to William Wilberforce – the the Make Poverty History campaign started near here, too.
Hull has an attractive city centre – currently being further redeveloped,
vibrant cultural life, fantasic museums and galleries, The Deep the world’s only Submarium and easy access to some of the most varied and beautiful countryside and coastal areas anywhere in Britain.

A Big Thankyou
All of us from the Hull West circuit want to say a big thankyou for everyone who raised money for the new church roof. Especially our local roofer in Hull, Fascia Rite, whom without we would be getting rained on right now. Thanks a million.

Hull West Circuit
… is a diverse network which embraces 21 churches and one Methodist Home for the Aged spread over a large geographical area and representing a variety of situations – city, urban, suburban, small town, rural.

It seeks to consolidate and develop the work of the churches by encouraging partnership among and between them. It exists “to make the love of God known and to share the Good News of the Gospel through the worship and activities of the individual churches and to hold those churches together in unity.

We aim to facilitate this process of partnership by utilising the particular gifts of our full-time Ministers as well as identifying and releasing the skills and resources available among our lay people.

We are currently engaging in a full scale Circuit Review and more information about this will appear as soon as possible.

* 1549 was the same year as the first draft of Thomas Cranmer’s Book of Common Prayer – hence the parodied prayer!

Last Updated 5th November  2018